Digital ordering at an All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant

Tabletmenu is a perfect match for All-You-Can-Eat restaurants with table service. The old paper
order forms created a lot of extra work, which also led to errors and delays. With Tabletmenu
you can increase your turnover by more than 20%, you’ll need one less employee per shift, and
you can minimize your losses due to errors. It’s perfect for Tapas, Spanish restaurants,
Japanese, Mexican and Fusion.

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Digital ordering for a Bowling Alley

Bowlers want to bowl, and they don’t want anything to get in the way of that. With
Tabletmenu, they can order a drink or food and have it brought directly to their lane. No need
to interupt the fun. Each bowler can order through a unique code and have their drinks billed to
their own account.

Digital ordering for A La Carte dining

For ‘A la carte’ restaurants, Tabletmenu is a game-changer; especially for drinks, starters and
desserts. How often do you see empty glasses sitting on tables, but your servers don’t have
time to offer a new drink? Or how many guest forgo having a dessert because they’re afraid it
will take too long to order it? That doesn’t have to happen.


Digital ordering for other styles of restaurants

Tabletmenu has proved its value for All-You-Can-Eat restaurants and for bowling venues, but
it’s so much more. Digital ordering improves the guest experience anywhere they enjoy food or
drinks: movie theatres, fast-food outlets, roadside restaurants and even karaoke bars!

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