About Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is one of the first restaurants in the Netherlands to introduce the ‘All You Can Eat’
concept for Japanese food. That approach has helped drive the enormous popularity of sushi

At Shabu Shabu, you can have “All You Can Eat” for a fixed price, at lunch or dinner. Their
expert chefs use natural, fresh ingredients to create tasty Japanese dishes. You can expect a
true ‘Japanese dining experience’ on every visit.

The Challenge

Shabu Shabu is one of the first restaurants in the Netherlands to introduce the ‘All You Can Eat’
concept for Japanese food. Originally they used ‘order forms.’

How did the order form system work?
The guests received one order form per table. They would mark their choices by ticking off little
boxes. The order form was then picked up by an employee who took it to the cashier. That staff
person would then enter each item into the system so the kitchen could prepare it.

This system worked, but it had some weak spots:

  1. Many mistakes
  2. Very time-consuming
  3. High labor costs
  4. Beverage sales low
  5. Orders were slowest during peak times

“Before we had chosen to work with Tabletmenu, we were afraid that they would reduce
service to the guests. That’s why we left the drinks off it at the beginning. Today all 14 of our
restaurants use Tabletmenu and everything we offer is on it. Our interaction with guests has
actually improved, despite our fears. We are not always busy with taking orders, so now we can
deliver food quicker, and focus on personal service, for example, serving bottles of wine. We
never had time for that in the past.

Originally, I thought Tabletmenu would only be suitable for concepts like ours, but I now see
many more possibilities.

What I value at the company behind Tablet menu is that they continue to develop. We see our
suggestions implemented in regular updates. The most important thing is that it works! We
have been working with Tabletmenu for 3 years now and it just works. We can rely on it.”

Winson Pang

Owner Shabu Shabu, Shabu Shabu Group B.V.

The results

Shabu Shabu was the first ‘All you can eat’ restaurant in the Netherlands to order with
Tabletmenu. All 14 branches now work with our software.

At Shabu Shabu, we have shown an improvement in many key performance indicators.

1. The Kitchen is more productive
2. The front of house operation is more productive
3. Guests experience is improved
4. Managers have better control over the entire operation
5. Turnover has increased by 9%
6. Average spending per person has increased by 21%
7. Labor costs decreased from 39% to 34%

Results that speak

The numbers don’t lie. We collected statistical data from multiple locations, and found
improvement in four key areas:

1. Order accuracy
2. Guest satisfaction
3. Return on investment
4. Productivity







Daily users


Orders per day


Bestelformulier of Tabletmenukaart


  • Direct verwerking van bestellingen in de kassa
  • Direct bestellingen naar de keuken
  • Direct drank bestellingen naar de bar
  • 15 – 30% meer omzet
  • 10 – 20% minder personeel


  • Verwerking in de kassa is tijdrovend
  • Bestellingen pas door naar de keuken na verwerking in de kassa
  • Drank bestellen pas als de bediening tijd heeft