About Winkel van Sinkel

De Winkel van Sinkel creates a unique experience, where good food, drinks and nightlife come
together. There is always something happening here including music & dance.

Winkel van Sinkel is also a beautiful location for a wedding reception, business meeting, or a
one of a kind party


“We had some doubts about if we wanted to work with Tabletmenu, because we didn’t know
how the guests would react. I was confident in the technology, but you never know how the
guests will react – they might not be comfortable with it. But in practice, it has not been an
issue. Occasionally there are people who ask if they can just order verbally, and that is of course
no problem.

Another positive side-effect is that the flow in the kitchen is much more gradual. Because
people now order themselves there are no more peak moments in the kitchen. It is much
smoother: the flow of what comes in and what goes out is much more balanced. So you have
less pressure and less stressful moments in the kitchen. We did not expect that, but it’s a side
effect that is really positive.”

Dirk Velthuizen

co-owner, Winkel van Sinkel

The results

At Winkel van Sinkel we have shown an improvement in a number of key measurables:

1. The kitchen is more productive
2. The table service is more efficient
3. Guests experience has improved
4. Managers have better oversight of work flow
5. Per person spending has increased by 6 – 7 euro
6. One less staff person required


Features of Tabletmenu vs order forms


  • Direct input of orders into payment system
  • Orders sent to kitchen simultaneously
  • Beverage orders sent to the bar simultaneously
  • 15 – 30% more sales
  • 10 – 20% fewer staff

Order form

  • Inputting orders into the payment system is time-consuming
  • Orders passed to the kitchen only after being entered into the payment system
  • Additional drink orders only taken when the server has time